The Benefits of Playing With Your Cat
The Benefits of Playing With Your Cat

Playing with your cat is the absolute best way to build up a bond between the 2 of you. She is going to become more attached to you, and you'll feel closer to her.

The best way to make sure that your cat doesn't become overweight is by feeding her correctly following a diet. Still, exercise also plays a part in keeping your kitty healthy. If yours is an inside cat, then entertaining her with games and toys will be her only opportunity to exert and stay trim.

Playing will encourage your cat to become confident. Also, regular play periods, including petting sessions, will get your cat accustomed to human interaction. Your cat is less likely to back away and conceal when visitors call.

Playing will help your cat develop her hunting abilities. Hunting is also a natural instinct for all cats. A cat confined indoors usually has little chance to express and develop this instinct. Encourage your kitty to chase a toy mouse, allow her to pounce for the 'kill.' This may aid her should she ever wander away and want to search out for food.

Playing will help your cat release aggression. Cats often display aggressive traits through boredom. Tutor your cat to not scratch, bite or attack you with play sessions. Use praise to reward your cat for being friendly and gentle while playing. As soon as she shows any sign, she's close to using her teeth or claws - end the play session. This may teach your cat that aggressive behavior is best directed to her toys and not you!

Cats want fun in their lives, just like humans want it. Relieve the monotony of eating, napping, and going to the bath by adding a bit of fun to your cats' life. You'll have a happier, more confident, and friendly kitty.

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