5 Best Bowls and Feeders for Your Cat
5 best cat bowls and feeders

The one thing that cats love the most, aside from chasing a mouse, is eating, and drinking from a neat, clean, and sophisticated bowl.

There are certain standards that one needs to be cautious of when looking for a bowl. Like, it should be elevated enough to help your kitty in food digestion, as well as it should have enough room to accommodate your cat's whiskers only if you do not want your little fella to be suffering from "Whiskers Fatigue."

However, you do not need to be worried because, at KittyCat's Den, we have scrutinized the 5 best cat's bowls and feeders that will not only make your cat drool over but also, they will look fabulous with your furniture:


5.The Safest Bowl Out There

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No doubt, the safest bowls out there for cats are those which are made up of stainless steel or ceramic. Most veterinarians also recommend the same ones because of their high-durability and easy-to-clean facilities.

Stainless steel bowls are also the ones with the oldest manufacturing. That is the reason why the first choice that pops up in our mind, particularly in a new owner's mind, when looking for a cat feeder is the stainless or ceramic bowl.

Moreover, these traditional bowls are now also offered in various varieties, ranging from simpler to fancier ones. However, one thing that does not change is their cute round shape and shallowness, which is the best thing about them.

Because cats generally prefer such bowls from where they can easily eat or drink without their whiskers coming in contact with the sides.

Many of them also come with a non-slip mat to prevent excessive slipping on the ground while eating. Thus, making them perfect for such people who prefer a not       too-much fancier bowl for their beautiful cats. To add cherry on the top, they are comparatively cheap too.


4.The one that Feeds itself

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Yes, you guessed it right! An automatic feeder for your all-time hungry fella. Automatic feeders are taking the internet by storm, and why would they not? They come with many benefits.

For instance, with an automatic feeder at your home, you would not have to worry about feeding your cat whilst you are sleeping, working, going outside, having a family trip, and many more. For cat owners, nothing matters more than having a sound morning sleep without facing any interruption from their hungry and angry cat.

Moreover, this self-feeding cat bowl provides a portion control system. It provides food, only at a particular time and in a certain amount, which is beneficial for those cats who love to have seconds and seconds. Its slow-feeding option prevents your cat from having any digestive disorders, stomach aches, and excessive vomiting, etc.

Another great benefit of automatic feeder is that it also helps in your pet's weight management. Their timely controlled food distribution will not protect your cat from overweight but also from heart, kidney diseases, and diabetes.


3.Interactive Cat Feeders

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If your cat is a lazy one who never exercises, then you should definitely opt for the interactive cat feeder. As the name gives us an idea that it is a type of simulation feeder, which makes your cat works to eat food.

Interactive feeders make your cat use its mind by solving a puzzle. In short, it is like a brain teaser for cats. We know it seems harsh by making it sound like this, but researchers have told us otherwise.

Studies have shown that people should start using these interactive or, as they say, "Puzzle Feeders" because they cater to the cats' physical and mental well-being. Not only this, but Puzzle feeders provide an environment that not only provides cats with felicity but also cures depression and gloominess.

Up till now, only 1/3rd of the people (30%) is using interactive feeders, whereas more than 50% have not even tried them yet. We think everyone who loves its cat should start using these puzzle feeders because they provide relief to your cat from one thing that others do not, which is boredom.


2.Raised Cat Bowl

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Do you know that the bowl's recommended height from which the cats should eat food or drink water is when the bowl's edges are at the same elevation as the cat's legs (Around 4 to 6 inches).

Obviously, it varies from cat to cat as the height varies. But sadly, most of the normal feeders do not come with this facility except for a few. And that is where "Elevated Cat Bowls" comes in. With these bowls, cats are in a better position of eating than the rest, thus greatly improving the cat's digestive system.

Aside from this, elevated bowls benefit cats suffering from back, neck, or joint problems. Not only cats but they also pose a great benefit for people suffering from any disabilities. Because these bowls eliminate the need for bending while picking a bowl for a re-fill or cleaning purpose.

Overall, it is a great bowl, which is also favorable for older cats who can't seem to eat much because of their muscle aches. This bowl gives them a relaxed position, eliminating all the pain one frequently faces and helping in better food intake.


Let Us See What We Got Here:

1.Ohh! A Slow Feeding Cat Bowl

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Many cats are prone to fast eating. They want to scarf down food as fast as possible. Perhaps, stress or the fear of their food being taken away from them makes them do that.

However, whatever the reason is supposed to be, eating food too fast and then barfing it back on the floor is not what we would call healthy. That is why such bowls are crafted that slows down the rate at which cats eat food, known as "Slow Feeders." 

They are quite similar to interactive feeders. The only difference is that while Slow feeders are used to decrease the cat's eating speed, interactive feeders offer behavioral enrichment, as said by many behaviorists.

Nevertheless, you still need to look out for other symptoms if your cat has an insatiable hunger because a slow-feeder bowl is just an option, not a permanent solution.

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