Stainless Steel Cat Food or Water Bowl. 15 Degrees Tilted and with Non-slip Base

Color: blue
Size: 200ML
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It is always advised to have a cat bowl for your cat. It's a matter of common sense that if your cat does not have its own bowl, it will try to lick your dishes and utensils. We've all been there! šŸ¾

These cat bowls could also help to teach manners to your lovely cat. The cats will become aware that these bowls belong to them, and they should not touch the other bowls or dishes.

Once you start adding food to the bowls, your cat will start eating from them until she's full and leaves the rest in the bowl. This way, you can familiarize yourself with your cat's daily food requirements and not leave extra food to go to waste.

Our Stainless Steel Cat Bowls:

Shape:Ā Round

Type:Ā Cats single bowl


Color:Ā white/blue/pink/black/green

Durable:Ā Rubber strips

Extra Features:

Protects your cat's cervical vertebrae and improves its eating posture. Helps the healthy development of the cat's physique.

Stainless steel, high quality, durable, and easy to clean cat bowl.

15Ā° tilt protects the cat's cervical spine and makes it convenient for the cats to eat.

The base is stable and non-slip.

Multiple colors to meet different preferences.

The stainless steel cat bowls are sanitary and germ-resistant. They are made from bacteria-free material. They are also long-lasting and durable, hard to break or scratch after everyday use. Our cat bowls are also 15 degrees tilted and slightly elevated to help with your cat's eating posture.

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Package contains:

1 x Stainless steel cat bowl

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