Non-slip Tilted Cat Single and Double Food/Water Bowls With Raised Stand

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It is always advised to have a cat food or water bowl for your cat. It's a matter of common sense that if the cat does not have her own bowl, she will try to lick your dishes and utensils. We've all been there! 🐾

Non-slip Tilted Cat Single and Double Food/Water Bowls With

These cat food and water bowls could also help to teach manners to your lovely cat. The cats will become aware that these bowls belong to them, and they should not touch the other bowls or dishes.

Once you start adding food in the bowls, your cat will start eating from them until she's full and leaves the rest in the bowl. This way, you can familiarize yourself with your cat's daily food requirements and not leave extra food to go to waste.


1. 15° slant design: keeps your cat's cervical spine more relaxed.

2. The bowls and stand base can be separated. It makes it easy to clean.

3. The bowls can be used for water or food. Your cats will love it.

4. Anti vomiting cat bowl.

We offer a few of the best types of these cat bowls. The first one is the Clean Design 😼 with different color combinations between white, black, and transparent.

The second type is the Cat Paws Design again in 3 different combinations: double black, double white, and double transparent colors. The stand of the Cat Paws design looks cute and perrrfect! 😻

We also offer single cat food or water bowls for people who prefer or need just a single bowl, or you can even make a combination of two single bowls and put them in separate places.

High-Quality Bowl: Made of safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly PVC, which is more durable and stable when used, holds 6.7-ounce capacity.

Reduces Neck Burden: 15-degree slant design, reasonable bowl height reduces cat neck stress, arthritis, or back pain. It is more comfortable for your cats, promoting easy food flow from mouth to the stomach and making swallowing easy.

Easy to Clean: The cat bowls are removable and easy to wash and keep clean.

Non-slip design: The raised cat bowl holder makes the bowl appropriate for your kitty, no matter the shoulder height and appetite. Non-slip bumpers at the bottom prevent it from tipping over.

Elegant and minimalist: The unique design of all of these cat bowls and the offered colors makes them also nice home decoration for cat owners.

Non-slip Tilted Cat Single and Double Food/Water Bowls With


Bowl: PC plastic, stand: base ABS plastic

Package includes:

1pcs single cat food and water bowl or 1pcs double cat food and water bowls

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Non-slip Tilted Cat Single and Double Food/Water Bowls With

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