Foldable Cat Feeder with Automatic Water Dispenser. Leak-proof. Double Bowls

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Color: White
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Shape: Round
Item: Cat Bowl
Capacity: 750ml
Total Height: 25.5CM
Water Bowl Size: 22CMx7.5CMx7.5CM
Food Bowl Size: 37.5CMx14CMx6CM
Material: Bottom PP, Bottle PET
Color: White, Pink, Blue
Features: Detachable, Anti Wet Mouth

1. 15 Degree Tilt Angle: To avoid cats having a spine and digestive problems due to long-term bowing to eat
2. Isolation Plate to prevent wet mouth: during the automatic water refill, when the level of the isolating plate is reached, the water will automatically stop, giving some space for your cat's head. This prevents your kitty to get wet mouth and hair.
3. Octagonal connecting column: the bowls can be arranged at various angles.
4. Integrated Food Bowl Design: Easy to clean after use.
5. Detachable Anti-baffle Plate: Prevents bacteria from breeding, less wet mouth.

Foldable Cat Feeder with Automatic Water Dispenser.

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