Elevated Ceramic Anti Vomiting Cat Food & Water Bowls + Wood Stands. Cervical Spine Protection. Modern look and feel.

Color: Blue
Size: 600Ml
Ships From: United States
Sale price$39.99


These elevated cat food and water bowls are made of ceramic and have wood stands. They are also raised and tilted to make it easier for your little one to eat and drink. The material and the colors of the bowls make them look very cute and suitable for every room. Your guests will ask you where did you find such lovely bowls!

Ceramic Cat Food and Water Bowl with Wood Stand. Cervical

You can get a single bowl or a bowl with a stand. It depends on how you will use the bowls, and they can be used with and without a stand.

We suggest getting 2 bowls with stands and in different colors so you can put food in one and water in the other.

Also, if you want to leave more food and water to your kitty for the day, get the bigger (600ml) bowls.

Material: Ceramic/bamboo

Size: S 300ml / M 600ml

Application: cats food and water

Feature: Anti Vomiting Cat Bowl

Ceramic Cat Food and Water Bowl with Wood Stand. Cervical

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