Electric Interactive Cat Spinning Feather Toy. Training Toy

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Type: cats
Material: Plastic

Stimulate your cat's mind and give her healthy exercise.
The feather randomly rotates between 6 different side entries for an interactive hunting experience.
Two modes for different toy behavior with a long press on the top: blue = activation mode, purple = feather change mode.
Short press to turn on or off.
Easily replaceable feather with one backup feather included.
Multiple fun modes. Cats will not get tired after playing for a long time.
Three modes in total, colored lights, two ways to supply power.
Normal mode: yellow light. The cat sticks randomly protrude from each exit of the smart toy and automatically close after 10 minutes of operation.
Intelligent mode: blue light. Funny cat sticks automatically recognize day and night. It runs at regular intervals during the day. Goes to sleep after running for a random time. Automatically goes to sleep at night.

Electric Interactive Cat Spinning Feather Toy. Training Toy

Load 4 AA batteries or plug in the power adapter.
Short press the button on the top to turn the device on or off.
Long press the button to enter the mode change.
Change the funny cat stick to the feather mode. Press the button to pause when the cat stick is extended, and replace the cat stick.

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