Double Cat Food Bowl + Automatic Feeder/Water Dispenser

Sale price$34.99


Shape: Triangle
Type: Cats
Type: With Water Dispenser
Material: PP
Type Item: Cat Bowl
Color: White

1. Automatic water refilling double bowl: a set of bowls provides water purification and cat food functions at the same time, allowing cats to get a good meal.
2.Two-angle rotation adjustment of 0 degrees or 15 degrees: The base and the bowl bottom is designed to match the rotating fixed structure, which can adjust the bowl to 0 degrees or 15 degrees. A 0-degree bowl has a larger load capacity, while a 15-degree bowl provides a comfortable eating angle for pets.
3. Siphon principle, automatic water renewal: exquisite water outlet design, control water level.
4. Automatic water replenishment provides as much as your cat drinks. The water in the bottle stays fresh until used.

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