Ceramic Raised Cat Bowl with Wood Stand. Food and Water Bowl. Antiskid Design

Color & Type: Pink with stand
Size: 15.5CM 850ML
Ships From: United States
Sale price$39.99


Choosing the best bowls for the cat is the most difficult and the most important task that a cat owner has to do. The cat bowls are of many kinds and are mostly different for different cat breeds. Some cat breeds need elevated cat bowls, and some need automatic and slow feeder cat bowls.

But above all, the cat bowls, which are made up of ceramic, are classified as the best ones. Furthermore, ceramic cat bowls are classified as the safest ones. As some cats don't like plastic bowls for such cats, ceramic cat bowls are the best option.

The ceramic bowl is fitted inside a wood stand which stops the bowl from sliding around. The cat bowl has a good grip that allows the cat to play with the bowl and prevents it from being broken. These ceramic cat bowls are very easy to clean because of their extra smooth surface. Conveniently and fast washing of the bowl for the next usage.

1. Simple, fashionable, and antiskid, not easy to overturn.
2. Inclined design to protect pet's spine for convenient eating.
3. The antiskid design prevents the bowls from slipping and moving and provides a stable meal time.

Shape: Rounded
Type: Single
Material: Ceramics
cat bowl ceramic: cat food bowl
pet feeder: cat bowl

The height of the frame appropriately reduces the burden on the cervical vertebra caused by eating overhead.

Color: white,green,gray,yellow,pink
Material: Wooden
Size: S/M

Package Includes:
1 * Bowl
1 * Bowl with stand

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