Leaving your cat at home
Leaving your cat at home

Sometimes you will have to leave your home for longer than a day. You might have to travel to another city, state or country for work or on holiday. And most of the time, people will have to leave their cat at home. No matter how well behaved it may be, you can't always take your cat with you. In such times it is vital to ensure that your cat will be in good hands while you are gone. You'll need a cat sitter for this job. When you pick a cat sitter, provide him or her with good information about your cats so that you can be confident that they are safe and healthy.

The best cat sitter for you will always be someone that you already know. Teens who are living in the same neighborhood as you are good cat sitters, as do relatives. If you don't have anyone in mind, call a pet sitting company. Whoever takes care of your cats, you should really make sure that they are trustworthy and responsible for showing up at your house every single day at the correct time. If you will be gone for more than a week or have multiple cats or other pets, it would be better to have someone you know to stay in your house and take care of your little ones.

Before you leave, create a list of important information. List your cats, including their names, fur color, special diet, and medication, likes and dislikes, and favorite hiding place. You should also have detailed step-by-step instructions for cat care and the number for you and your vet.

Ensure that everything needed to care for your cat is easy to find and use. For example, prepare a can opener for your cat sitter! If any of your cats gets sick or is injured, your cat sitter will need to call a vet and possibly even take your cat to the vet's office. Make sure to leave a cat carrier by the door and keep the phone in an easy-to-locate place. Also, all cleaning supplies should be easy for your cat sitter to find, including materials for the litter box.

If any of your cats need a vet, you will have to pay the vet bills. Leave enough money(especially if you will be away for a more extended period) for your cat sitter to specifically use it for the cats' vet. Notify your vet that you will be out of town. Give your vet your credit card number, your phone number where you can be reached, and the name of your cat sitter. Tell your vet that your cat sitter will act in your place until you return home. Doing this will help keep your precious little one safe and healthy even while you are away.

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